This function takes a list of Metadata components and sends them to Salesforce to update an object that already exists

  control = list(...),
  all_or_none = deprecated(),
  verbose = FALSE



character; string on what type of metadata to create.


list; metadata components to be created formatted as XML before being sent via API.


list; a list of parameters for controlling the behavior of the API call being used. For more information of what parameters are available look at the documentation for sf_control.


arguments passed to sf_control


logical; allows a call to roll back all changes unless all records are processed successfully.


logical; an indicator of whether to print additional detail for each API call, which is useful for debugging. More specifically, when set to TRUE the URL, header, and body will be printed for each request, along with additional diagnostic information where available.


A tbl_df containing the creation result for each submitted metadata component


The update key is based on the fullName parameter of the metadata, so updates are triggered when an existing Salesforce element matches the metadata type and fullName.


if (FALSE) {
# create an object that we can update
base_obj_name <- "Custom_Account1"
custom_object <- list()
custom_object$fullName <- paste0(base_obj_name, "__c")
custom_object$label <- paste0(gsub("_", " ", base_obj_name))
custom_object$pluralLabel <- paste0(base_obj_name, "s")
custom_object$nameField <- list(displayFormat = 'AN-{0000}', 
                                label = paste0(base_obj_name, ' Number'), 
                                type = 'AutoNumber')
custom_object$deploymentStatus <- 'Deployed'
custom_object$sharingModel <- 'ReadWrite'
custom_object$enableActivities <- 'true'
custom_object$description <- paste0(base_obj_name, " created by the Metadata API")
custom_object_result <- sf_create_metadata(metadata_type = 'CustomObject',
                                           metadata = custom_object)
# now update the object that was created
update_metadata <- custom_object 
update_metadata$fullName <- 'Custom_Account1__c'
update_metadata$label <- 'New Label Custom_Account1'
update_metadata$pluralLabel <- 'Custom_Account1s_new'
updated_custom_object_result <- sf_update_metadata(metadata_type = 'CustomObject',
                                                   metadata = update_metadata)