Use the Filter Operators API to get information about which filter operators are available for reports and dashboards. The Filter Operators API is available in API version 40.0 and later.

sf_list_report_filter_operators(as_tbl = TRUE, verbose = FALSE)



logical; an indicator of whether to convert the parsed JSON into a tbl_df.


logical; an indicator of whether to print additional detail for each API call, which is useful for debugging. More specifically, when set to TRUE the URL, header, and body will be printed for each request, along with additional diagnostic information where available.


tbl_df by default, or a list depending on the value of argument as_tbl

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if (FALSE) {
report_filters <- sf_list_report_filter_operators()
unique_supported_fields <- report_filters %>% distinct(supported_field_type)

# operators to filter a picklist field
picklist_field_operators <- report_filters %>% filter(supported_field_type == "picklist")